Why can`t we live peacefuly?


Ok, I`ve been patient for so long and I can`t keep silent anymore!

First of all, Europeans, what do you know about russian anti-gay laws? It seems like you`ve heard words “Russia”, “anti-gay” and “laws” in one sentence and noone wanted to get in details. Let`s start from the name of this law ”…


I don’t think booing Russia was actually okay.
You haven’t booed Russia.
You haven’t booed Putin.
You have booed poor girls, singers, whose only fault was that they were born in Russia. And oh boy one of them looked like she was going to cry because of that.
Congatulations, people if you think it’s a-okay.


I feel like this years Eurovision was basically just one giant glittery fuck you to Putin’s Russia. It warms my heart.

What Russian people did to you????? We never wanted to be hated…and we did nothing for it…it’s just unfair…

  • Some of my relatives live in the Ukraine. They used to call us every week and we really kept warm relation with each other. Now they don't even want to know us, because we live in Russia and they in the Ukraine and this is a motherfucking problem, cause they believe that Russian government wants to conquer them and turn into stupid slaves. OK. Fine. Let them live with their own opinion. But they already are stupid slaves. Stupid slaves of stupid American propaganda. Thank you, Mr. Obama for ruining families
  • Btw, nobody here wants to Ukrain to become a part of Russia. We have our own problems, let us deal with them! I don't want our government to spend money on those "victims", why should we care?